Global Project Management & International Construction Company

About Us

Versar, Inc. is a global project management company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with 22 locations around the world. Since 1969, Versar has provided technical and management support to federal, state, and local government clients as well as to industries worldwide, delivering construction management, environmental sciences and engineering infrastructure solutions. Versar offers tailored and secure solutions in harsh environments providing clients with comprehensive engineering and construction management, environmental and professional services.

From a network of 22 offices located throughout the world, Versar has formed partnerships with our clients to help them comply with regulations, avoid liability, solve environmental problems, improve infrastructure, and prevent pollution.  Since our formation in 1969, we have been involved in thousands of commercial and government engineering and environmental projects, ranging from decontamination cleanup of training ranges, airfields, and number of major buildings contaminated by PCBs and other chemicals to complex multi disciplinary site remediation. 

Versar employs over 600 staff worldwide, which includes civil, chemical, mechanical, and structural engineers; architects; chemists/biochemists; geochemists; geologists/hydrogeologists; hydrologists; biologists; environmental scientists; air and waste contaminant transport modelers; mathematicians; physicists; statisticians; meteorologists; and, construction management professionals.  Our expertly trained staff of scientist, engineers, and business professionals allows us to offer a full range of capabilities, providing our clients with a single source for all of their environmental, engineering and construction and professional service needs. Our engineering services focus on diagnosing, characterizing, and innovatively assessing problems, evaluating alternatives, and developing and implementing solutions for environmental, professional and construction needs.  The total global management concept embodied in these services differentiates and sets Versar apart.

Our Mission

Versar is a global project management company providing sustainable solutions to government and commercial clients in construction management, environmental services, munitions response, telecommunications and energy.

Versar provides tailored and secure solutions in harsh environments and offers specialized abilities in rapid response, classified projects and hazardous material management.  Our unwavering commitment to quality, safety and best value ensures the highest returns for our clients, shareholders and employees.

Our Vision

Versar is a people company – what we offer our clients are honesty, accountability, and unique capabilities.  We strive to create an open, responsive and transparent organization that allows our employees to apply their skills in a variety of challenging and rewarding environments.