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Net Zero Energy Water & Waste

Net Zero Energy, Water, Waste

Net Zero Energy

Small enhancements to energy behavior, awareness, and practices are critical to Net Zero Energy efforts. On a large installation with numerous buildings, the collective action of individuals makes a large difference in cost and conservation. Versar reviews plans to ensure energy conservation measures are incorporated into building designs. Building energy audits and recommendations are an excellent method for reducing energy use and changing behavior, along with signage as reminders and small-scale, inexpensive technologies. Net Zero Energy includes methods for the reduction of fossil fuel use in vehicles. Versar employees have been instrumental in several car-pooling, ride sharing, trails, van pooling efforts, and awareness campaigns for our customers.

Net Zero Water

Water conservation is similar to energy conservation in that behavior, awareness, and small enhancements can make a big difference. At Fort Carson, a Versar employee was the Project Manager for the original green building at the Installation now housing the most LEED rated buildings in the DoD.

Net Zero Waste

Versar works at many locations that require Net Zero waste. Versar’s efforts have included developing recommendations for our customer’s in working with vendors to reduce packaging, to encourage bulk packaging, and to purchase products made of recyclable material. We have worked at sites to implement policies for purchasing less plastic, paper, and janitorial products. These activities require data pulls, analysis, and trending studies, as well as awareness activities.

Our Hazardous Waste Managers have recommended and implemented solutions from environmentally friendly paint gun cleaners and vehicle parts washers to simple procedural changes that cost nothing to implement and save money. Procedures such as inventory management and shelf life monitoring can reduce hazardous materials purchases drastically and save money.