Professional Staffing

Waste Audits and Solid Waste Management Professionals

Solid Waste Management

Versar provides onsite personnel who use proven as well as creative methods to manage and reduce solid waste. Recycling is an excellent method for reducing solid waste, but according to the Pollution Prevention Triangle, the best method for reducing waste is to reduce the amount generated through better procurement or other methods. Versar employees have experience and expertise in performing waste audits, data analysis, and recommendations to focus the waste management efforts of large installations and operations.

Versar believes in working with stakeholders and all interested and affected parties to integrate activities, save money, and incorporate beneficial ideas. Our sustainability planners work with recycling staff and managers to ensure solid waste reduction and management techniques are aligned with all aspects of an operation.

Our staff has a wide range of experience developing methods of waste reduction, from writing green procurement plans to training to modifying local forms to support better purchases. Raising the level of awareness needed for consistently green procurement requires constant reminders. All Versar training includes methods for inserting green procurement and using data to tell persuasive stories about the benefits of reducing solid waste. We have conducted plastic bag reduction campaigns nationwide.

We also have experience in repurposing waste, pollution prevention, introducing creative methods such as composting using small-scale, innovative technology, and using large solid waste for slope stabilization. Versar constantly explores new methods of waste management based on our knowledge of environmental law and our employees' high level of technological competence. Successful pollution prevention initiatives should result in payback. Versar analyzes payback options for activities, process changes, equipment, and materials to help our customers fully realize the real benefits of their efforts.

Our recycling experience includes finding markets for unusual materials; collecting and recycling projectiles using traps; initiating recycling in difficult cultures; and supporting original and creative awareness activities. Building a culture of recycling and an understanding and awareness of what can be recycled and where it can be recycled are keys to success. Versar offers simplified signage and analyzes solid waste contracts for enhanced and more streamlined recycling.