Sustainability is a core value of Versar and is integrated into the way we do business. From the home front, to the front line:

Versar aggressively pursues sustainability by enhancing the environment, supporting the economy, and shaping a better society through the application of sustainable practices and stewardship.

By incorporating economic, environmental, and societal impacts in decision making, we create a long term shared vision for our shareholders and employees.

  • By 2015, Versar will become the Employer of Choice for candidates seeking to support our business areas as a career
  • Versar will reduce waste generated at all sites by 25% from the 2014 baseline by 2015, and 5% of the previous year each year thereafter
  • Enhance the integration of people from the company within the communities where Versar operates
  • By 2020, acquire 100% sustainable products and services to incorporate all sustainability elements, societal well-being, economic prosperity, and environmental enhancement
  • Reduce Versar's carbon footprint by 50% by 2030

To Download a PDF Version of the Versar 2015 Sustainability Report, CLICK HERE